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We offer more than 30 years of experience in the area of industrial automation focusing on designing, manufacturing and supplying, in the area of process-control technology, automated handling solutions and robotics.

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We participate in the automatization market since 1991. Successful projects in different industries in Slovakia as well as abroad were completed by our company, and we have a lot of satisfied clients. Our team consists of high-quality, enthusiastic and professional people.

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Industrial Automation

It is a part of the third industrial revolution, which is based on mechanization of many processes and on creation of a new industry called "Industry 4.0“. It implements using of modern manufacturing processes, in which a person only monitors the operations performed by automatic machine.

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Why is it important to automate?


Lower costs, shorter production times and simpler processes result in a better market position and higher competitiveness to companies.


Monotonous and hard operations are performed by industrial automation, thanks to which people can spend their time on more qualified and difficult tasks.


Operators´ health protection is increased by the safety system implementation relieving their burden from strenuous operations and work in harmful or dangerous environment.


Automation means are able to reach accuracy and speed exceeding human abilities. At the same time, they offer simple control, monitoring of processes in progress, and eliminate the human factor error rate.

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