Water production management dispatching systems

Water management industry

Process Control Technology



Water management facilities are controlled in two levels: dispatching and processing.

The dispatching level of management is performed by a visualizing program installed on a computer in the dispatching centre. The current status can be viewed in the form of visualization diagrams, graphs or tabular statements. It offers simple operation and adjustment of controlled parameters.

The processing level of water tank and pumping station control is performed by a programmable logic controller (PLC) located in a wall-mounted switchboard together with a data modem, sources, a backup source and the required device equipment. All sensors, technology signals and controlled devices are connected to the switchboard.


  • Autonomous monitoring of the technological process status (power outage, person entering the facility, device status and functionality monitoring, analogue sensor values, failures);
  • Processing of acquired data and its sending to the dispatching centre;
  • Receiving commands from the dispatching level and controlling performance of individual technology actuating members according to the entered algorithms and received parameters.

In case the processing station loses contact with the dispatching centre, it controls the respective technological object autonomously, following the last entered parameters. The dispatching and processing levels connected wirelessly.

We have implemented more than 1000 similar projects of water management facility management.