Transport of rotary workpieces - PVK carts

Mechanical engineering industry

Automated Handling Solutions

Vozík PVK typ_E _1400PX


  • Comprehensive design of semi-autonomous rail carts.
  • Delivery of carts with a rail track sunken to the floor level with electrical equipment.
  • Semi-autonomous rail cart transports stocked rotary workpieces (wheels) with diameter up to 1300 mm and total weight 4500 kg from the loading position to the collection position. It can stop in any position in-between. The rail track crosses the travel lane for forklifts and the path for operators of the technology in the hall it is installed. Safety of persons and forklifts is ensured by scanners and other safety elements of the production line, the cart being a part of.
  • The cart installation consists of the cart itself including its drives, a rail track and complete device electrical equipment with PLC and corresponding program to control cart movement.