Malthouse automation

Food industry

Process Control Technology



Malt manufacture process begins with receiving of malting barley cleaned at entry. Then the barley runs to the steeping room to be mixed with water in 6 big tanks (steep tanks), and after that it is left to stand for a few days. After soaking, the barley is in liquid form pumped into germination chambers. After 6 days of germination, the barley continues to a kiln, where it is evenly layered and dried to the final form of malt. The product is after this process transported with a conveyor to a silo to be stored.

Management and control of all processes are provided by PLC systems consisting of 15 Ethernet processors connected in one technological network. It includes 4,150 digital and 225 analogue I/O.


  • steeping;
  • germination;
  • kilning (temperature, moisture, batch control);
  • transport (a system of almost 115 conveyors);
  • the electrical power consumption management system implemented.

All processes are managed by one centre, which is equipped with 6 PC operator stations with a visualization software. Special sensor units and frequency drives are connected by an industrial network.