Chipboard panel manipulators

Woodmaking industry

Automated Handling Solutions



  • Complete design, production and assembly of chipboard panel manipulators.
  • Deliveries of M-KH – KT3 portal manipulators (gantry robots) with a suction cup gripper.
  • The manipulator consists of a travelling line, along which a travelling carriage with two lifting units and a suction cup gripper on each unit moves.
  • The manipulator´s function is to collect stocked chipboard panels from the main conveyor downstream from the KT press and to place and stock them on four collection conveyors according to a beforehand input algorithm. The material is gripped by a gripper with suction cups, all device movement drives are electrical.
  • The manipulator delivery contains a mechanical part with its assembly, as well as a complete wiring and PLC with a control program.